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Utility Series

Ideal for weddings, reunions, construction sites, parks, athletic fields, fairs, and festivals.

Can-Doo Budjet Rentals Deluxe Portable Bathroom

Rest Stop Series

Comfortable heated and air-conditioned. Hot and cold water vanities with flushable toilets.

Can-Doo Budjet Rentals 2 Stall Portable Shower

Personal Showers

Full portable showers with hot and cold water. Ideal for remote job sites.

Can-Doo offers a variety of restroom facilities to met your specifications.

  • Restrooms
  • Trailer Units
  • Rest Stops 14’-24’
  • Children’s Units
  • Showers
  • Sink
  • Water Tanks
  • Holding Tanks
  • Handicapped

April acquisition of a longtime friendly competitor, Can-Doo Budjet Rentals, located in Abilene.

Buying the business, formerly owned by the late Lou Paulsen, Pitts Stop’s restroom inventory will more than quadruple to about 1,400 from nearly 300 and its service footprint will expand to a whopping 40,000 square miles of remote West Texas

Paulsen passed away in July 2019. A few months later, the Paulsen family asked the Pitts family to consider purchasing Can-Doo. Lou Paulsen and “Crab” Pitts started their businesses at about the same time (1981 and 1983) and were friends who respected the way each other did business. “We were always very good friends,” recalls “Crab.” “I respected Lou a bunch. He asked me several times to buy him out…and after he passed, we worked out a deal with two of his boys.”

Merger between two long-standing, family-owned companies has been an emotional experience for all involved. Pitts’ family made it clear from day one that all of the Can-Doo employees could remain on board. “We couldn’t be more blessed than to do business with the Paulsen family,” says JC Pitts, who will manage the Can-Doo office in Abilene & San Angelo..

Out of respect for Paulsen and the strong brand he built, the Pitts plan to keep the CanDoo name operational, and the updated Can-Doo logo now includes the words, “In memory of Lou Paulsen.” “He built up that business for almost 40 years, so it’s only fair to have his name there,”

Pitts told the Can Doo employees, he has a great respect for them because they kept running the company even though they didn’t know who might buy it – or if they’d even have jobs. “They’re all very hard workers.”

“Our entire family believes the Can-Doo acquisition presents us with a great opportunity.”

Can-Doo Portable Restrooms

301 Goliad
Abilene, TX 79601

San Angelo
729 Culwell St.
San Angelo, TX 79603

Can-Doo is a member of:

Portable Sanitation Association International 
Better Business Bureau: Abilene, San Angelo
Home Builders Association: Abilene, San Angelo
Chamber of Commerce: Abilene, San Angelo, Brady, Anson, Albany, Breckenridge, Coleman, Clyde, Comanche, Sweetwater

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